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From Myanmar Teen Magazine (February 2013)

English Translation of the Original Burmese text:

World Famous Teen’s Website Page

The Do Write Campaign internet page was founded by Madeleine Lippey, a 16 year old girl from the United States. It showcases teenage voices and their art from all over the world. Madeleine Lippey visited Yangon, Myanmar in November 2012 and sat down for an interview with Teenage Magazine.

She is trying her best to arrange a conference in Myanmar with Myanmar and American teenagers to discuss human trafficking, health, education, violence and other issues. Myanmar teens (from Teenage Magazine) are interested in her internet page and want to participate in her conference and discuss issues with her.

Dr. Ma Thida: How did you get the idea to found The Do Write Campaign and set up this website?

Madeleine Lippey: I founded the Do Write Campaign when I was 14 years old. The campaign’s goal is to share the voices of teens all over the world using the internet. I accept letters, photos, really anything teens want to share with others. As of now I have contacts in 27 countries and they send me letters and photos taken by themselves.
These are teenagers from other countries and continents. I want Myanmar to participate in the campaign. Especially at this time, people are interested in hearing from your country. Myanmar teens can share their feelings and works with the world.
Although I am an American citizen, I was born in Hong Kong. When I was 13 years old I went to India as a volunteer. It was the first time I left my comfortable life. During that trip I had a chance to meet with many teenagers from many different cultures and backgrounds. Afterwards I realized that it was a great idea to meet and make friends with teens from different countries and cultures and to share our experiences. I was so happy to meet with all of them. We talked about the past and the future and we shared our experiences.

Dr. Ma Thida: Why do you want to do it in Myanmar? Americans people are often told that they do not know about the world. Why do you care about the world?

Madeleine: Nowadays Myanmar is popular and attracting worldwide attention. I often watch and read about Myanmar on television and in newspapers. So of course I am interested in Myanmar. I am interested in Asian countries and culture. Myanmar is a recently opened country and change is beginning. At this special time I would like Myanmar teens to join with US teenagers and teenagers all over
the world by sharing their feelings. I am lucky as I was born in Hong Kong and I have lived in many countries because of my parents’ job. Also I often travel with my parents, so I have had a more global feeling since I was young Most Americans do not know much about neighbouring countries and they neglect to learn. I want to tell US teenagers that there are so many people in the world who are smart and
can do as well or better than they can. I want to prove it; I want to show it. This is why I founded The Do Write Campaign.

Dr. Ma Thida: Please tell me about your book.

Madeleine: My Campaign is not only about sharing on the internet, but also to arrange conferences. One time I had a womens’ conference in South Africa. We discussed issues important to South Africa’s teens and women. Then we shared photos and letters. After that I got the idea to write a book to share with interested people from all over the world. I thought it would be great if all generations could understand the message from the book. The name of the book is A Little Peace of Me. It contains ideas about peace from a girl from South Africa, a boy from the Middle East and a boy from the United States. Also I added my little brother’s ideas!

Dr. Ma Thida: What do you want to say to Myanmar teenagers?

Madeleine: I want to tell Myanmar teenagers to think and understand ideas from all over the world. Do not learn only what you see near your home and in your country. Try to open your eyes and ears as much as you can. Try to see and listen what is happening in the world. Don’t forget that we can learn so many things from each other. When we think globally and learn from each other it will lead to great change in all of our lives.

Dr. Ma Thida: How can we contact you?

Madeleine: You can send photos and letters to my website. Please do it in English so that teenagers from all over the world can read it. The website is dowritecampaign.org and the email address is dowritecampaign@gmail.com.

Also you can read letters and see the photos. You are welcome to write comments. You can also read comments of your own letter and photos. I have gotten over 5000 photos and letters in 3 years. I am looking forward to seeing photos and reading letters from Myanmar teenagers.


Madeleine Lippey is a high school student from Phillips Andover Academy in the state of Massachusetts, USA.

You can read about her in The Wall Street Journal and The Boston Globe.

Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote the forward for her book, A Little Peace of Me. She has donated profits from her book to orphanages and other people in need


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